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nVIZ Perceived Quality Plug-in for VRED

To validate gap and flush tolerances on a vehicle design, engineers use gap sections data from CAD and 3DCS. The nVIZ Perceived Quality plugin enables Autodesk VRED Professional to import the 3DCS data and render the results of gap tolerances on powerwalls or in VR applications.

After import of the 3DCS data from Excel sheets into VRED, the measure sections data is displayed in list fields in the PQ plugin and visualized in the VRED scene for convenient inspection of the measure point locations, the direction vectors and the morphing zones.

The Perceived Quality plugin allows the user to morph individual sections or complete panel gaps/flushes to any tolerance value. Panel deformation and panel transformation values can be applied and combined interactively, used from available templates or imported from Excel files.

The morphed gap/flush states can be saved to VRED variant sets for real-time A-B comparisons:

nVIZ perceived quality plugin for VRED
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