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nVIZ ergonomics for VRED

Autodesk VRED is widely used in automotive industry for ergonomic studies in a CAVE. The nVIZ Ergonomics plugin provides the import of seating positions of various vehicles from a database and features methods for ergonomic analyses.

The user can switch the different vehicle types and seating positions for seat-reference-point-simulations and view-point-simulations while being precisely tracked in a CAVE or using a head mounted display (HMD).

nVIZ ergonomics for VRED

The plugin also includes functions for adjusting seats, steering column and mirrors of the VRED model, transformed to the correct axis system and within the correct ranges while seated in the virtual vehicle.

In combination with the Virtual Test Drive applications of nVIZ, the ergonomics analysis can easily be extended to active driving studies with nVIZ’ Seating Buck or to passive driving studies in replay mode with nVIZ’ Motion Plugin for VRED.

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