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nVIZ Render Engine Plugins

For a photo realistic experience of vehicle interior and environment, nVIZ VTD Server integrates Autodesk VRED or Unity as real-time render engines. Head mounted displays (HMD) like Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE are supported just as well as rendering on power walls and in CAVES.

Most automotive OEM use Autodesk VRED for high-end design visualization, i.e., the vehicle models are already available in photo realistic quality. The plugin for Autodesk VRED allows the user to connect any existing VRED model to VTD Server and drive the vehicle in the VRED session without any additional modeling effort.

The plugin also has a function to load existing CarMaker test run results files, replay the test run in VRED and save the animation to the VRED time line. The user can then use all the functionality of VRED to define cameras, scene settings and render stunning movies in raytracing quality.

For Unity we supply a DLL to be linked into the Unity application which takes care of the communication between nVIZ VTD Server and the Unity project. This gives the user all the freedom to add physically correct vehicle dynamics simulation to his Unity VR application.

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