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nVIZ compact motion platform from COSMATE

Optionally, the nVIZ seat buck is mounted on the compact 6 degree of freedom motion platform from COSMATE. We have selected this hexapod as the best solution for office spaces, studios and showrooms.

Due to its extremely compact design, small footprint and minimal height, it can be moved around and does not require any bolting to the floor. Also, because the platform is driven by electro-dynamic actuators there are no issues with hydraulic oil supply.

Linear electrically driven
200 kg
1200 mm x 1000 mm x 513 mm
160 kg
x = ± 80 mm, y = ± 72 mm, z = ± 56 mm
Roll ± 12°, Pitch ± 12 °, Yaw ± 15°
Max. velocity
x, y = 241 mm /s, z = 319 mm /s
Max. acceleration
x,y = 0.5g, z = 0.4g
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