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Test Driving in Virtual Reality

nVIZ develops solutions for test driving in virtual reality. By integrating industry standard software tools, used by most automotive OEM and suppliers, we ensure optimal process efficiency.

The modular driving simulator designed by nVIZ is the ideal solution for design teams and engineering departments. It is an affordable solution for studying low dynamic range driving scenarios with the compact motion platform of COSMATE or high dynamic range driving scenarios with the high performance motion platform of Rexroth.

The vehicle dynamics solver of IPG Automotive ensures physically correct vehicle dynamics simulation and Autodesk VRED or Unity deliver photorealistic visualization using head mounted displays, powerwalls or caves.

Compact seating buck

The compact seating buck from nVIZ is easily adjustable to match the seating position for most vehicle types. With the professional force-feedback steering wheel and pedals from SENSO Drive, it provides a realistic driving experience.

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 motion platform from COSMATE

We integrate the compact 6 degree of freedom motion platform from COSMATE for the most realistic driving experience in the low dynamic ranges.

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motion platform from Rexroth

We integrate the high performance 6 degree of freedom motion platform from Rexroth for a most realistic driving experience from low to high dynamic ranges.

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nVIZ CNC Seating Buck

nVIZ' computer numerical controlled (CNC) seating buck ....

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